SIMTRA Cables allow electrical power to be commingled with any low voltage communication circuit within one conduit or pathway. Our innovative design allows the installer to pull all wiring in a single run while simultaneously integrating all electrical systems, reducing materials and labor costs. 

The SIMTRA power cable provides surge suppression characteristics on all branch circuits up to and exceeding 4400V when used. Safeguard your electrical equipment against EMI, high voltage spikes and lightning strikes. 

SIMTRA cables provide significant cost savings in both labor and materials. By reducing the amount of conduits, the number of junction boxes and j-hooks, as well as labor intensive operations, SIMTRA cables deliver an average of 15-30% in cost savings. 






  • Absorbs high voltage transient spikes
  • Absorbs high voltage surge spikes
  • Absorbs high frequency energy
  • Absorbs electromagnetic interference (EMI)
  • Acts as a fire break
  • Nonconducting, No grounding required

SIMTRA Cables are ideal for all-in-one power + communication cabling installations and solutions. What makes SIMTRA unique is the Ferrite Barrier that surrounds the power conductors. The Ferrite Barrier sheath has the ability to reduce and absorb electrical transients, high frequency energy, EMI interference and/or disturbances imposed on or emanating from that power cable. The electrical power conductors of the SIMTRA Ferrite Barrier power cables are triple insulated including the inner conductor insulation, the ferrite barrier sheath and the outer PVC jacket.

The SIMTRA Cables are U.L. Listed TC and NMB and N.E.C. compliant under Articles 725 and 800 Telecommunication Circuits.